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Environmental restoration was a driving force behind Mission Creek Conservancy’s inception and has been a central tenet of the Conservancy’s 35-year track record.  A century before Mission Creek Harbor was first constructed in the 1959, the toxic Creek habitat had eliminated much of the native wildlife.  Decades of steady restoration efforts have successfully revived Mission Creek as a special wildlife enclave in a dense urban scene.  

The Conservancy is proud of its work to engage Mission Bay developers and establish wildlife habitat plantings including a wetlands on both the north and south banks of Mission Creek.  Conservancy volunteers have completed several thousand feet of soil preparation and plantings in the area of the Mission Creek houseboat community. The Conservancy gratefully thanks the San Francisco Estuary Institute and San Francisco Beautiful for philanthropic support that made these massive volunteer projects possible.  

In the 1990s, the Mission Creek Harbor created Huffaker Park along the south shore of Mission Creek as a wildlife-friendly public park. The Mission Creek Conservancy expanded this project to establish a chemical- free native plant habitat along the banksides, focusing on butterfly, bird and creek supportive plantings. Flowering non-natives were included to extend nectar sources.

We love volunteers!

There is an ongoing volunteer habitat maintenance project drawing participants from both sides of the watershed including condo dwellers from the north and south sides and floating home residents on the south side. Together we form a stewardship community monitoring and appreciating the wildlife and educating others.

If you are interested in volunteering to preserve and enhance Mission Creek’s habitat,
please contact the Conservancy Habitat Director, Ginny Stearns.

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