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Mission Creek Conservancy is concerned about wastewater
in Mission Creek

Wastewater releases during storms in Mission Creek have long raised questions about pollution negatively impacting wildlife and human recreation. While releases are much less impactful than they were ten or fifteen years ago we feel it needs to be a lot better.

The  SFPUC insists that they have met all guidelines and rules but  documents through suggest that relatively inexpensive  adjustments to wastewater release  procedures could substantially reduce pollutants and result in cleaner safer waters in Mission Creek. 


In March 2024,  environmental  organization SF Baykeeper has indicated its intention to sue  the  SFPUC and the City over this very issue citing violations of the Clean Water Act through discharge of bacteria, chemicals trash and pollution causing fish-killing algae blooms in San Francisco Bay.  In May 2024 this suit has been joined by the US EPA and the State of California.

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